Grow your own catnip set!

Grow your own catnip set!

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Australian Online Garden Retail Store - Gardeners of the Galaxy:

Natural Catnip Seed, make your own healthy cat food plant kit

Use a simple and convenient grow your own kit. Experiment with growing catnip for your furry friend !

Planting method:
1. Spread the crystal mud evenly in the plastic pot, and then water
about 150 - 200 ml, leave for ten minutes.
2. Evenly sprinkle the seeds on the crystal mud, then a small amount of water
3. place in limited sun 2-3 days after germination.
4. water once a day, after about 8 days of growth, the cat can eat.

Seeds are to soak for 10 hours ,this is conducive to the germination of catnip

Package include:
2xCrystal flower mud